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This was a fic that someone was searching for on tumblr that I had read about maybe a year ago? I, myself, would I also like to read it again. I've gone through Ao3 and can't seem to find it through searches or tags.

I think this would be after season 1/2. I don't believe anything from season 3 happens.

Stiles is given an assignment at school. This might be for English or something else entirely. Basically, you were supposed to write a secret about yourself or you were supposed to write something that you wish other people knew about you on an index card. Everyone was to turn one in during the next week or so, anonymously. These would then be placed on a bulletin board for everyone to see. It was supposed to be a way for students to realise that you never really know what's really going on with someone, which leads to revealing some serious and traumatic issues.

Stiles struggles with this assignment extensively throughout this fic. He can't decide what to reveal because he's emotionally torn and overwhelmed because of what's happening in town with all the murders, hunters, werewolves/alphas/kanimas, and dealing with the pack.

He feels like he's alone and invisible. The pack doesn't seem to have noticed how different he's been acting. Stiles specifically thinks, that he's attempted suicide twice (I'm not sure how much the Sheriff knows, if anything). He might also be self-harming himself. I believe at more than one point, Stiles hides the card for the assignment from people (possibly crumpling it up and putting it in his backpack?). I think he also plays it off to Scott, the pack, and his dad with something sarcastic/funny.

After everyone turns in their secrets, the board is filled for everyone to read. Everyone tries to guess which secret belongs to who. Scott is horrified to smell Stiles' scent on the card that talks about suicide. I think after this point, Scott and the pack try to figure out what's going on and help Stiles.

I'm sorry that I can't remember more.

Mods, can we get a tag for triggers?

If you really knew me by GenimStilinski   http://archiveofourown.org/works/892748



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