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May. 18th, 2016

Hi All-

I have been reminisching about this fic that I read a long time ago, but I can't find. It's been whispering to read me for weeks now, but I haven't managed to track it down.

It was a rewrite of first year, Harry had been sorted into Slytherin and he was extremely abused.

Harry is extremely frightened of doing anything wrong or having his secret found out. He refuses to eat with his house, and Draco? thinks it's because he isn't hungry or the food isn't good enough, but in reality, Harry was waiting for permission to eat.

At first, no one realizes the severe injuries Harry has until it's almost too late. Snape is the one who finds him collapsed because of them and lack of food? The story is a recovery story as Snape gets him healthy. Snape either gains guardianship or adopts him?

Harry has multiple burns, cuts, and broken bones and severe scaring throughout his body. His hands have actually been deformed (described as being stuck in a claw-like manner) due to damage. He doesn't really really speak and I believe he can't really read or write. It was one of the more graphic fics I've read in detailing the abuse. Harry might have also hurt himself in order to punish himself. I do not remember if the abuse included rape or not, but it likely did.

At first the Slytherins doesn't like or trust Harry, but they slowly come to terms with him and his past and they become protective of him. Draco is big part of the story. He's tries to see things from Harry's perspective and bring him out of his shell. He's one of the few people that Harry "trusts" along with Snape. I think Blaise and Theo might have also had more significant roles, but definitely not as big as Draco and Snape's.

Not quite sure if this is actually a HP/DM fic, but I think it was heading that way. It was multi-chaptered and quite long, though it wasn't complete last time I've read it. Pretty sure it was on ff.net, if that helps? Though I also ready on AO3.

Thank you!

Founds: "Tears Falling in Darkness year one" by evil minded




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