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May. 18th, 2016

Hi All-

I have been reminisching about this fic that I read a long time ago, but I can't find. It's been whispering to read me for weeks now, but I haven't managed to track it down.

It was a rewrite of first year, Harry had been sorted into Slytherin and he was extremely abused.

Harry is extremely frightened of doing anything wrong or having his secret found out. He refuses to eat with his house, and Draco? thinks it's because he isn't hungry or the food isn't good enough, but in reality, Harry was waiting for permission to eat.

At first, no one realizes the severe injuries Harry has until it's almost too late. Snape is the one who finds him collapsed because of them and lack of food? The story is a recovery story as Snape gets him healthy. Snape either gains guardianship or adopts him?

Harry has multiple burns, cuts, and broken bones and severe scaring throughout his body. His hands have actually been deformed (described as being stuck in a claw-like manner) due to damage. He doesn't really really speak and I believe he can't really read or write. It was one of the more graphic fics I've read in detailing the abuse. Harry might have also hurt himself in order to punish himself. I do not remember if the abuse included rape or not, but it likely did.

At first the Slytherins doesn't like or trust Harry, but they slowly come to terms with him and his past and they become protective of him. Draco is big part of the story. He's tries to see things from Harry's perspective and bring him out of his shell. He's one of the few people that Harry "trusts" along with Snape. I think Blaise and Theo might have also had more significant roles, but definitely not as big as Draco and Snape's.

Not quite sure if this is actually a HP/DM fic, but I think it was heading that way. It was multi-chaptered and quite long, though it wasn't complete last time I've read it. Pretty sure it was on ff.net, if that helps? Though I also ready on AO3.

Thank you!

Founds: "Tears Falling in Darkness year one" by evil minded

Hi everyone,

I have been looking for a fic I read a while ago that I've been wanting to re-read with no luck. I've searched through Ao3, but can't seem to find the right keyterm to search.

I remember that Derek has been seriously injuring Stiles when he shove(s) him into walls/things, like bad enough that Stiles has a hard time moving, and lacrosse doesn't help. Eventually, he can't even stand, walk, move on his own.

Stiles ends up collapsing at the Hale house; he's not found right away. When he is found, Derek ends up feeling guilty and tries to help Stiles, but the hospital asks a lot of questions and want Stiles to get serious surgery (which means he would have to tell his dad).

I think his dad was away on a case or seminar for cops? So, Derek sneaks into the hospital and changes himself to be Stiles emergency contact.

Derek then ends up taking Stiles to a medicine/chiropractor who helps. Turns out that one of Derek's (human?) family members also had a similar injury and the hospital also wanted to perform surgery.

I think that Derek left Stiles with Boyd as babysitter at one point?

Sound familiar?

Found: The wall that broke Stiles' back
This was a fic that someone was searching for on tumblr that I had read about maybe a year ago? I, myself, would I also like to read it again. I've gone through Ao3 and can't seem to find it through searches or tags.

I think this would be after season 1/2. I don't believe anything from season 3 happens.

Stiles is given an assignment at school. This might be for English or something else entirely. Basically, you were supposed to write a secret about yourself or you were supposed to write something that you wish other people knew about you on an index card. Everyone was to turn one in during the next week or so, anonymously. These would then be placed on a bulletin board for everyone to see. It was supposed to be a way for students to realise that you never really know what's really going on with someone, which leads to revealing some serious and traumatic issues.

Triggers: Suicidal Thoughts, Self-HarmCollapse )

Mods, can we get a tag for triggers?

If you really knew me by GenimStilinski   http://archiveofourown.org/works/892748

I've been trying to find a specific story for a while now, but I'm having no luck. Though, luckily, I do remember quite a bit from from it.

Danny starts dating this girl (GF=girlfriend), who might be a nurse, and things move very fast over the course of weeks/months. She pretty much falls in love with Danny immediately, and Danny not so much (as time goes by). He finds her to be very clingy and odd. She keeps insisting on buying him really expensive things and is already taking about marriage, etc. She cooks for him all the time and so on. Eventually, Danny decides to break things off with this girl because he doesn't feel like he's in love with her (or like the relationship is going anywhere). This unleashes the GF's crazy/psychotic side.

Grace has a really bad relationship with this GF (who threatens to either send Grace away or take Danny away from her). Grace ends up hiding her feelings for Danny's girlfriend because she doesn't want to upset him and be sent away. I think the GF might have also been physically abusing Grace, and leaving her with bruises? Towards the end of the fic, Grace is pretty emotionally beaten and terrified of losing Danny.

After Danny breaks up with the GF, he goes back to her house (with Grace) because he thought he left his wallet. In reality, the girlfriend took it so Danny would have to come back to get it. Danny explains to Grace in the car outside of the house that this is the last time they have to talk with the GF and then their lives will be back to normal. When he arrives, the GF is fixing the sink in the kitchen, which she purposefully broke. It's creating a mess and she asks for his help. When he does, the GF attacks him with a knife and stabs him.

He ends up hiding with Grace in the bathroom. Meanwhile, the GF sets the house on fire because "if she can't have him, no one can". Danny forces Grace to escape the house through the tiny bathroom window and call for Five-0/their ohana for help on a cell phone a couple of blocks away. She ends up waiting for them there and to direct them to the house.

Steve busts onto the scene and calms Grace down. When he gets in the house, he ends up killing the GF while Chin calls for backup. Steve tries to open the bathroom, but it's locked/jammed. Danny is unconscious from blood loss so Kono climbs back through the window to help unlock the door to the bathroom to help free Danny. Then they all head the hospital?

I'm not sure where I read it since I've been trailing LJ, Ao3, and ff.net for H50 fics.


Found: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9004392/1/A-Possessive-Obsession

Danny hurt in Physical Therapy

Hello everyone,

I've been searching through this comm for weeks now searching for this fic and can't seem to find it. I've also checked Ao3 and ff.net.

Anyways, Danny is in physical therapy for his knee or a leg injury. The PT trainer ends up taking Danny too far in his exercises and causes him a lot more pain and possibly damages the injury further.

I'm sure it's McDanno, but I'm not sure in what stage the relationship it is in. I know that Steve ends up talking to Chin and/or Kono about Danny's pain/injury. Steve takes care of Danny at his house and makes Danny go to his doctor after the PT trainer hurts him to get checked out. I think Grace also makes an appearance in the fic.

I'm pretty sure that this is part of a larger fic.

If anyone knows what fic this is, please help.

FOUND on Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/249894 - Open All Night by saddle_tramp

Gen?, Tony Feels Comfortable

Hi, new here!! =)

Hoping someone knows this fic I'm searching for.

Posted on AO3.

Starts off with Tony being woken up by JARVIS because he has a meeting with Fury. However, Tony feels...off/sick/wrong.

He goes into the kitchen to get some coffee in hopes that caffeine withdrawal is the problem (It's not.). When he arrives, he notices how the team has become so comfortable with one another since moving into the Tower.

Tony picks up an iPad/tablet where an alert tells him why he's feeling like complete crap. He needs to replace the arc reactor. Without even thinking about it, he pulls it out to examine it. The team is shocked into silence. Tony realizes what he's down afterwards.

Turns out, something has been wearing the reactor down enough to cause Tony's symptoms. He's been so busy that he's been putting off repairs.

Team scrambles to help Tony since Bruce (?) says that without the reactor, Tony could go into cardiac arrest.

Other clues possible clues, or I'm just getting stories confused:
-might be something about Natasha wearing a My Little Pony t-shirt and not shaving her legs, but still looking deadly?
-Clint taking Tony's mug, Bruce offering his instead (green-SMASH written on it)?
-Bruce cooking and changing Tony's coffee to something less bitter?
-Steve reading a newspaper (one of the only non-technical things Tony has---something about being almost completely paperless?)?

This is driving me nuts because it's on the tip of my tongue!!

FOUND: AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/448135
LJ: http://daylightfire.livejournal.com/107119.html#cutid1
Hey, I've been looking through the tags and haven't found it after days of searching.

It was set after the Blame It On the Alcohol episode.

The Warblers ended up finding out what Kurt about bisexuals and subsequently start ignoring him. Pretty much everyone at Dalton follows the Warblers lead and do the same thing.

Kurt knows what's going on but feels that he can't take back what he says and actually adds more fuel tothe fire. He feels completely isolated at Dalton since no one will talk to him now. It goes on for a long time.

Towards the end, Kurt completely breaks down and runs away to the woods. Everybody goes looking for him and find him hysterical. He can't bear to face his own gender issues.

The Warblers and those at Dalton realize the toll Kurt has been under.

****found: http://littlemiss-m.livejournal.com/575.html

Old fic


I've been trying to find this fic for a while now, but can't manage to find it hence why I'm here.

I'm pretty sure that it was on ff.net, but I'm not sure how old it was.

It contained:
-abused Harry
-mentor/father Severus Snape
-pre canon
-Harry somehow managed to make to Hogwarts
-in the begging only Sev can see him (Harry used wish magic to make himself invisible) and the only way to convince people that the boy is real is to have them hold them
-Harry had very weak lungs and possibly had asthma
-there was some kind of explosion in a potions shop that harmed Harry
-at one point, Sev is kidnapped because people believe he's gone crazy and he's taken to St. Mungos and Harry is left in the snow (Lupin manages tofind Harry in time)
-Harry might have been called Shawn/Sean

**found: "Snape's Invisible Friend" by teacherbev at ff.net

Looking For Another Kurt Fic

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a fic that I keep remembering snippets of during the most random times.

It was very endearing and featured papa bear!Burt over Kurt.

From what I remember:

Burt just woke up from his heart-attack induced coma and find out/realizes that Kurt has basically been on his own. He's been living at the house by himself instead of staying with one of the Gleeks or Carol/Finn.

Kurt has become so worn out and exhausted trying to deal with everything that he sort of just breaks down.

Burt is angry/disappointed that no one realized that Kurt was by himself. I do remember him specifically talking to Carol about why she didn't take him in, since Burt would have done that for Finn if something ever happened to her. I know Mercedes was another one that was mentioned, like why didn't Kurt stay with her or why she didn't offer him to stay with her family. Another was Mr. Schu, why didn't he realize that Kurt was basically living alone or at the hospital with his dad.

Everyone basically has to deal with the aftermath of forgetting their friend/student.

I do remember it being hosted on one of the livejournal communities, but for the life of me can't remember which since I've sort of belong to like 6 or 7. Plus, I've been reading Glee fics at an insane pace since I've watched my first full episode: Grilled Cheesus. I know, I'm super behind. But, I'm hoping to get the first season for Christmas/my birthday to catch up. Until then, I'll content myself to reading fanfics.

Please help me find it!! Thank you to anyone who can point me in the right directions.

P.S. Let's hope I did the tags right this time. =)

FOUND: http://community.livejournal.com/gleefic/839334.html#cutid1

Looking For A Specific Fic.....

Looking for... on Puckurt.

A specific Chris Colfer fanfic about the "It will get better video." He's trying to come up with all these ways to say or present it.

In it he was secretly dating Mark, who didn't want to come out as a couple and "gay." Chris is really upset about it. Right in the middle of doing the video, Chris thinks he can't go through with it because it feels like a lie. Mark interupts the video right before they finish taping it, and basically comes out in it. Both are now super happy. =)

Anybody know it??

P.S. Hope I did the tags right....

FOUND: Does it get better? by fatebegins
Trying to locate....Threesome fic: DM/BZ?TN?/HP

I have been trying to find this fic for months now with no luck (There's simply too many fics to go through without remembering specific summaries, titles, authors. Really wish it was much easier to remember them). It just keeps creeping into my thoughts at the most random times.

One of the main problems, it has mostly likely been years since I read it. I do know that it was on FF.net for sure though. It's multi-chapted, though I'm not sure if it's completed.

It was a threesome fic featuring Draco, Blaise/Theo (I'm leaning towards Blaise though), and Harry. If it's Blaise, then Blaise is a boy.

-It was a bond fic as in a specific bond between the three. With each of them serving or having a specific job or function for the others in the bond. I think Malfoy was the provider/protector and Blaise the balance between all of the them. Sadly, can't remember what Harry's part in it is. Alot of the fic focuses on them trying to work on this bond.

-Harry was brought in last to the bond. He also completes it, despite at first feeling very weary/sceptical of it.

-Harry was abused which also explains some of his issues with the bond. Either his bondmates help save him from his relatives or they find out later. Harry is either raped (by his relatives) or is a couple virgin. I remember Harry having issues with being intimate with them.

-Harry is grey/dark/neutral versus being completely light canon. Might even feature Harry being resorted into Slyterin.

-Draco is very in character but becomes tender towards Blaise/Theo and Harry.

-Blaise/Theo helps Harry transition into being in the bond. Draco and Harry clash more often then not in the beginning.

-I remember them being in special rooms/house where they learn to get along.

-It does have some lemons though it wasn't VERY graphic.

Any help would be most appreciated!! It was a very ingaging story and I'd love to re-read it again.

FOUND: Don't Wake the Dragon by SensiblyTainted

Searching For

Hello all,

I've been looking around for Naruto adoption fics. Basically, any fics that involved Naruto being adopted by someone (especially Iruka or Kakashi) after being neglected, abused, etc.

Also looking for it to be more shinobi world based versus AU based (though it doesn't mean I won't read it).

Acceptable pairings: SasuNaru, GaaNaru, and KakaIru. So slash/yaoi. =)

I love angst but, a happy ending is a must.

I am welcome to Sakura-bashing (but, it's not necessary). Also a fan of Kyuubi so no evil!Kyuubi please.

Thank you!!

Looking for....

Hey everybody,

I'm looking for any CLex fics about the S1 Pilot scene where Clark is strung up on as the scarecrow...

Though I am also looking for one in particular...
-Probably a couple of years old by now (I read it a long time ago on fanfiction.net)
-Lex finds Clark strung up as the scarecrow
-Lex thinks Clark is in shock
-Lex tries to get Clark to breathe better by ripping off Lana's kryptonite necklace
-Clark starts feeling and looking better

Please and thank you to anyone who can help me. =)

Mirage of Colors

Mirage of Colors.....project for art class. Take objects from a previous project and make them geometric. Then color it, using a Y-split of the color wheel. I used, yellow, blue, and purple. Materials are colored pencils.


A monster with large teeth, dripping with saliva as one of its eyes stares down at me. A low growl erupts from it's throat.

A hand reaches up to my mouth in horror. I can't help but stare as I'm freeze in terror at the hideous beast before me. I can do nothing as it's clawed hand-like limb reaches for me, except SCREAM.

The final part to three piece narrative. Done in colored pencils.

My Living Nightmare-Pt.2

The door swings open and standing there is one of my nightmares. Alive.

A monster with large teeth, dripping with saliva as one of its eyes stares down at me. A low growl erupts from it's throat.

The second of a three part narrative. Done in 2H and 4B pencils.

Reaching For the Door-Pt.1

You hear a noise behind a closed door. A sudden THUMP comes from behind it as you reach your hand towards the knob. You turn it and the door swings open.

The first part to a three part narrative. Lined in a thin sharpie marker.

Puck, a Master Prankster

Look at how he stares, he's planning something.....or maybe he's just about to take a nap.... ^^

He's my panther familiar. His name is Puck, named after William Shakespear's character in "A Midsummer's Night's Dream" that was said to be a master prankster. And he is. -.-' He keeps switching my strawberry shampoo with strawberry sauce. Not fun!!

Done in acrylic paints, some brushes but mostly done by finger painting. xD

The Mistress of the Night

A maiden about to sneak out during the full moon to perform some magic or perhaps meet with her lover??

The matching painting to a previous contour. Done for my art class. Done in acrylic paints and many types of brushes. Though a large part of it was done with only my fingers......So finger painting as well.

Mistress of The Night-Sketch

A sketch of a maiden apart to sneak out during the full moon to perform some magic or perhaps meet with her lover??

It's only a contour, but I did paint a full color one with acrylic paints. Lined with a thin sharpie.

The Grand Staircase

A large poster sized depication of a grand staircase that I did for my art class. I loved and hated doing it at the same time. ^^;

Done in normal 2H and 4B pencils (Sorry if the color is off, it's too big to scan so I had to take a picture instead.).

Tokio Hotel 1

Tokio Hotel Print #1, made with my Tokio Hotel Stamp.

Tokio Hotel Print 2

Tokio Hotel Print #2, made with my Tokio Hotel Stamp.

Tokio Hotel Print 3

Tokio Hotel Print #3, made with my Tokio Hotel Stamp.

Tokio Hotel Stamp

This is the stamp I used to make my Tokio Hotel Prints (1-3).

Carved it into a rubber mat(?). I designed it myself, using the basic Tokio Hotel logo and Bill's tattooed star and then the band name.

Linear Desert City

Art project......this time using 2 vanishing points. Had to put in at least 6 buildings.

Made with a fine-tipped sharpie marker.

My Class Ring

Another art project...this one being a side view of my class ring.

Made in #2 pencil.

Random Items

An art project that involved everyone bringing in an object, then my teacher combined them into one big still life.

The plants were a bitch to draw. ><

Made from #2 pencil.

TWC Kiss

What do you think?!

Tokio Hotel Artwork

My artwork for Tokio Hotel.....Please don't steal it!! If you want to post it please ask me first!! I promise I'll be nice about it!!  XD

Gustav Sculpture from the Side

Gustav Sculpture from the Front

Gustav Sculpture from Back

Georg Painting, Original

Georg Painting, Closeup

Tom Portrait



            The five words I chose for my barbaric yawp were “DARK,” “pride,” “Music,” “iNsAnE,” and “dreamer.” I believe that these words describe who I am in a true and unconventional way. 

            The first word I chose was “DARK” and I put it first because I believe it’s an important and a true part of myself that I shouldn’t have to hide for fear of suspicion.  My sense of humor is DARK and a bit strange to most people and is even often considered creepy. I’m also a person who believes that to have a happy ending that people need to go through some type of hardship (that often includes much angst) and the word “dark” fits in with that. Plus, I’m not a morning person. I like to favor the night and all that comes with it. I purposefully choose a smoky and creepy font with “Gothic” colors as they are my favorite and it’s what I imagine when I think of the word. The second word “pride” follows it, making it “DARK pride.” My PRIDE is my heritage and it makes me who I am. I may have been born and raised in America, but my PRIDE is in my Portuguese heritage. My background often makes my heart swell with PRIDE that I can trace my family among the Portuguese people. Their ideals blend with my American ones, which make up part of my mind. I chose to put the word on shields with the Portuguese colors (red, yellow, and green), heraldic crests and colors were used to show your PRIDE in the old age of the sword. The age of the sword was also the time of the DARK Ages.

            My next word, “Music” stands apart from the rest of my words because it makes no connection to any other. It’s a large part of my life due to not only the range I’ve heard and liked throughout it but also because, also what it has done for me. Since I grew up in California, I’ve of course listened to country, rock, pop and of course some traditional Portuguese folk music. As I grew, MUSIC from big events like that of Carnaval (the Portuguese equivalent of Mardi Gras) became the soundtracks of my life. Through things like Carnaval, I’m able to set aside some of my initial fear of people and feel strong enough to get up on stage and perform. It’s also constantly there, whether by iPod, radio, CD, or in even on TV it’s always there for me. I usually always find a song that feeds not only my mood but also my soul. I might not play an instrument or be able to tell apart an oboe from a clarinet but I know that MUSIC will always hold a special place for me. To fit the word MUSIC, I chose a font that incorporated MUSIC notes to make up part of the letters. I also chose the colors of neon green and black because they are some of the colors I think of when I think of my favorite type of MUSIC, rock.

            The word that follows “Music” is “iNsAnE.” My friends often describe me as this INSANE, crazy person with these really out there and creative ideas (I a nice way of course!). How often have my friends seen with a smirk on my face to know that my head is cooking up some wacky ideas, probably too many to count. Plus, my mind is usually such a jumbled mess that it only makes sense to well…me and my close friends. Am I making sense or am I just INSANE? I chose to put the word in two fonts, the “i” in one and “NsAnE” in another, because I really liked how it became an arrow that was upside down. The second font made it so the letters were backwards and made it confusing to read, much like my mind. I also chose to put it in rainbow because I wanted to put some fun, crazy, zaniness into it. The word “dreamer” follows the word so it makes “iNsAnE dreamer.” I’m a DREAMER, point-blank and simple. I like to imagine the world with all sorts of “normal” and “crazy” twists and turns. I often imagine it so clearly that I see it as a movie being played out in my head. All my life, I’ve dreamed some bizarre and zany things whether magical and based in fantasy to friends and I taking over the world with penguins. But it’s those dreams that make up me. It’s those dreams that allow me to broaden my horizon to reach my goals to reach the stars (Okay, maybe not the penguin one but, you know what I mean!), which makes it the reason why I chose the font that that has letters filled with stars of all different sizes, each representing a different dream. I chose light blue and black because they remind me of the night sky and because the light blue is the color of my birth stone (December).

            When I arranged my words I noticed that the colors all seemed to follow in one direction (except for “pride” for which I then switched around to allow the flow of colors). I chose to put the words on white paper so that I could show the colors of the fonts I picked at their most vivid. I also have the words in nearly all the same size because they are all equally important to me (Plus I wanted the words to be readable along with being able to see all the details of each different font.). Between each of the words, I also put the insignia of Capricorn, my Zodiac sign. I also arranged it so that my words form a question mark as a CHALLENGE to those outside looking in: DO YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME?

Tom Kaulitz Portrait

My first Tokio Hotel fanart piece......Tomi!!
A Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel portrait done in #2 and #4 pencil (black and white) that I did for art class.......

Sorry if the color is off (it's a photo). It's too big to scan. ^_^;

I'm quite proud of it, due to the fact it's my first life-like portrait. 

P.S. Please don't steal it!! If you want to post it please ask me first!! I promise I'll be nice about it!!  XD
         Music, made of thought and sound
         For which I am eternally bound
         The song that my heart plays
         That will continue for all the rest of my days

5        A life on the stage
          Played on emotions like that of sorrow and rage
          With each character and their story
          With each illusion its own glory
          The song that my heart plays
10     That will continue for all the rest of my days

          For every piece that is played
          Something new is created
          My road I have followed unastrayed
          For each path taken is fated
15     By each character and scene’s end
          The song that my heart plays
          That will continue for all the rest of my days

          My heart, I must defend
          It must be protected and secure
20     Yet it yearns for it all the more
          All the sparks it brings
          It will be one of those things
          The song that my heart plays
          That will continue for all the rest of my days

        -NiaMaggie, “My Heart’s Song”  December 31st, 2007


Get out of my mind

Stop trying to find

The beast that tries to hide

It lurks deep inside

5          Get out, stay away

It’s a destroyer of magic and fae

Stop, get out, run

It won’t die by a gun

The creature is always there

10        My mind is its lair

It never sleeps, it spies

Watching with devil eyes

Creeping as it follows all moves

The monster is concealed in the grooves

15        Get out, it’s coming

Run, it follows

Don’t stop, keep going

The road out narrows

See that light stream

20        Wake up, it’s only a dream



                        -NiaMaggie     “Beast”        December 21st, 2007


            What do you see

            When you look at me?

            You’re foolish, you think you know

            But there’s a secret in me that feeds and grows

5          Because I’m broken inside

            No one realizes that I hide

            Behind a masquerade mask

           A blackened shadow is cast

            No one sees behind the illusion

10        Of smiles that should be tears

            With all the jumbled mess and confusion

            Of a shadowed darkness that nears

            What’s broken in spirit and in mind

            Is not a simple bind

15        It can not be cured, only mended

            Like seams that must be carefully tended

            Least one break and snap

            And unravel everything and everyone’s map

            So everything is hidden in haunted eyes

20        Look closely, maybe you’ll find the answer among absent starry skies





                                    -NiaMaggie,   “Veiled”   December 17th, 2007

Your Betrayal

Betrayer is a rotten word
Backstabber more fitting
Says my shoulder’s little bird
My torn mind emitting
So many now useless notions
One dark and forbidden
The other light and joy-ridden
But you betrayed me
How couldn’t you see?
That you sent me through hell
But now I’m back and you’ll pay
For I rang Death’s black bell
He’s coming for you today.
                        - “Your Betrayal” by NiaMaggie
                                                 May 29th. 2007

Something Simple

                A simple rhythm

                A simple rhyme

                Word by word

                Line by line


5              Spread across white sheets

                It’s smooth surface meets

                The darkened marks

                Certain phrases dark


                A simple rhythm

10            A simple rhyme

                Word by word

                Line by line


                My work of art

                My search of sage°

15            It’s my new start

                These simple words across the page


                A simple rhythm

                A simple rhyme

                Word by word

20            Line by line


                A smile and a tear

                A scream of heightened fear

                A love held so dear

                Hidden is a villain’s darkened sneer


25            A simple rhythm

                A simple rhyme

                Word by word

                Line by line


                The story of a lover’s embrace

30            Blockaded by war’s desolate face

                For the desire for that one final kiss

                Evil’s last blow a fatal miss


                A simple rhythm

                A simple rhyme

35            Word by word

                Line by line


                The loss of sin

                The balance undone

                Without good’s kin

40            Neither side has won


                A simple rhythm

                A simple rhyme

                Word by word

                Line by line





                                                -“Something Simple” by NiaMaggie

                                                                March 26th, 20007



°-herb used to gain knowledge and remembrance

For My Grandmother, April 11th, 2007

Today I say goodbye to you

Today I say goodbye forever


I'll miss you when you leave

I'll miss you through the world I weave

I'll miss you through all the little things

That little girl's often dream

Beautiful dances and birth after a wedding bell rings

But all those dreams are broken like an old busted seam


Today I say goodbye to you

Today I say goodbye forever


I see you placed into the cold ground

It's here that you'll be bound

All you hear is the dead all around

Except the tears that sound

As they fall upon the mound


Today I say goodbye to you

Today I say goodbye forever


My eyes well up with tears

Letting loose all my hidden fears

I don't know how I can let you go

You always said I needed to grow

But I don't want to

If I have to let you go

I'm sorry Grandma, I just love you so!


Today I say goodbye to you

Today I say goodbye forever


Simple words that I never got to say

Just as the reaper pulled you away

As I look back, I wish I did

Why did I keep it locked inside, like a jar with a lid?

I'll miss you more than you'll ever know

But I missed my chance to let it show

I'm sorry Grandma, I just love you so!


Today I say goodbye to you

Today I say goodbye forever


I love you Grandma! Forever and ever!



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